Ladies- it's the weekend and your makeup needs to be perfect for your huge girl's night out or romantic date night or that very special event you have where you need to look your best!  Our tool is the perfect beauty tool to make sure your makeup sits beautifully on the skin and has a flawless finish.  How do we do this?

Our nifty little tool works as an exfoliator and a hair remover to get rid of that peach fuzz and dead skin cells on your face in addition to being able to shape those brows. You will see a tremendous difference in how your makeup sits on your skin and how your skincare is absorbed into your skin.

If you’re worried about your peach fuzz growing back thick, dark or coarse - DON’T WORRY!  Your hair will grow back exactly as it was.  

We had the pleasure of interviewing the amazingly talented Nadira V Persaud, Make up Artist and Beauty Expert. We got to know what it is really like to be a makeup artist to the stars and how she got there and what her favourite trends are for this season.

How did you get started as a makeup artist?  Did you train or was it a natural talent?
Starting a make up course at the London College of Fashion was a natural transition for me in terms of using colour and brushes what with all my art credentials and interests in History, Music and Fashion, though I didn’t really believe in myself so once I finished my BTEC HND in the mid 90’s I felt unprepared and lacking in the brawn it takes to get out there and sell yourself.

Do you have any recommendations for any aspiring makeup artists out there?
It’s often easy to think once you’ve done a popular intensive course that you know everything, YES, even with a high count of followers on social media. At the end of the day it’s a business and applying make up can be outweighed by product/brand knowledge, marketing, networking and admin; all vital for a long lasting career.

What are the trends right now in makeup?
I love this season’s deep matte lip trend as its fun to try out those unusual depths of grey, brown and even black that do offer a complimentary dimension to a look.

Is there a favourite look that you like to do?
My signature look leads you into my portfolio and is what I am known for achieving, which is understated beauty that enhance features and never overplays or distracts you from the natural beauty.

What are some tips and tricks that you use ie to make your makeup last longer, etc?
Building make up with layers can really make a difference to make up lasting longer and so too the formulas you choose. I don’t wear foundation or powder textures on my skin instead I opt for creams which dry ie. For eyes I wear Autograph Eye shadow in Slate which applies as a cream that sets and lasts.
I also prefer to wear waterproof mascaras and lipliners as they stay in place and I don’t have to think about reapplying or flaking.
What are your favourite products to use and what do you achieve from using them?
It has to be said my Hollywood Browzer really has turned things around for my personal beauty routine as its super-fast and instant gratification – if only I’d had one of these since my teens!
I love QMS Medicosmetics 24 hour cream for daily use as it’s a light moisturiser yet richly hydrates and genuinely lasts all day - so no parched feeling, ever!

Have you worked on any celebrities?  Who’s been your favourite?  Can you name names?
I am so lucky to have worked on celebrities for Red Carpet events, TV shows and covershoots. The women I’ve enjoyed a great deal, albeit been a little terrified of, are our great British Actresses over a certain age who know what works for them and have it down to a fine art and gives them confidence.

Any bad experiences working with a particular celebrity?  (No need to name names of course:)
Luckily I’ve not worked with anyone really awful as you tend to understand we are all human and we don’t feel great all day, every day and we all have a ton of stresses.
Is there a celebrity that you’d love to work on?
I would love to work on Dame Helen Mirren and Dame Judi Dench of course and I’m still hopeful!

How do you suggest prepping your skin for flawless makeup application?  
I believe in ensuring each step and each product should have the optimum impact to save time and deliver the best results which is why HB is so much more than just a beauty tool, as it gently shears peach fuzz allowing skin care to penetrate skin directly and permits make up products to work effectively on the best canvas.
Anything else you’d like to add?
A face is a face to me and I’m the lucky one to meet such interesting people on set and in my Make Up Mistress bespoke sessions; from those who have beaten cancer and overcome trauma in their lives to authors, actors and the women who have never worn make up and want to learn.

Below are some gorgeous looks achieved by the talented Nadira Persaud.


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