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Achieving Glowing Skin with a Solid Morning Routine

There are a lot of things you can do to enhance your morning routine. The best thing you can do is remove your makeup before going to sleep. It sounds cliche, but it works like a charm. Probably the second most effective thing is to eat a ton of greens.

Aside from industry tips and tricks, you can keep a consistent routine to keep your smiling face acne-free and moisturized. As they say, the best foundation is glowing skin. Here are the basics of a routine that keeps your skin happy and healthy.

Wash Your Face

An effective daily beauty routine begins with washing your face. Everyone has different needs when it comes to how deep they need to clean every day. Some people experience dry or oily skin, or they may need a ton of exfoliation. Sometimes people have very sensitive skin and can handle only the gentlest of cleansers.

Ask your dermatologist for a wash routine if you can’t figure it out on your own. Most people have a good routine down from trial and error, but hormonal or environment changes can give even the most careful person trouble on occasion.

Remove Hair

Use a Hollywood Browzer as an alternative to harsh hair removal creams or tweezers, which can leave the skin red and irritated. This tool uses dermaplaning and removes your dead skin. It is a 2-in-1 treatment. Of course, you should still exfoliate areas that don’t need dermaplaning!

With the Hollywood Browzer, your hair won’t grow any thicker or darker. It gives you smoother and brighter-looking skin. You will have a smooth canvas for makeup afterward.


Once you’ve chosen a good cleanser among the thousands out there and removed hair, choose a way to exfoliate. You might use a sea scrub or a special exfoliator. Just a washcloth works for many people, but for others, it may be too harsh. You’ll know you’ve found a good option when washing leaves your skin shiny and clean.


Next, you must moisturize. Use a lotion or oil combination that is formulated for your skin. SPF is a good idea, even on cloudy days. Do this immediately after exfoliating, before the pores close.

Add Glamour

Now you’re ready for some makeup! If you can stick to this routine and don’t go to bed with makeup on, you won’t need much foundation

Start with minimal primer and concealer. Then, lightly add your favorite foundation. Once it’s dry, fill in your brows with pencil and powder and choose an eye for the day’s look. Start with liner and move on to shadow and mascara. Then do your cheeks and lips. Doing things in this order will keep you from rubbing loose powder into your skin.

Though loose powder is usually minimal, it’s still a good idea to work from the top of the face down. You can pick up any loose powder with a tissue when you work this way, and you won’t be likely to overdo the blush and lip compared to your eyes if you do them first.

  • Feb 03, 2020
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