Save over 50% on your skincare must-haves


Hollywood Browzer DUO Rose Gold and Terracotta

Removes hair and exfoliates in seconds leaving your skin smooth and radiant leading to a flawless makeup application and better penetration ofskincare products.

Microfibre Cleansing Pads

These eco-friendly, reusable, ultra-soft premium pads easily remove makeup, eyeliner & foundation with just water. Comes with a mesh wash bag so you never lose one!

Deluxe Microfibre Puff

This soft companion keeps the edge of your Browzer clean and clear of debris so you can get the best results during your dermaplaning treatment.

5x Magnifying Mirror With Suction Cups

This 5x Magnification Mirror helps you see clearly for greater precision when dermaplaning and applying makeup.

Spa Headband

Soft and luxurious, this headband keeps your hair in place and out of the way during your dermaplaning treatments.