What’s inside?

Microfibre Cleansing Pads

Remove even waterproof makeup effortlessly and sustainably with the Microfibre Cleansing Pads which are machine washable and reusable. The microfibre material means makeup can be removed using water alone which means no more wasteful makeup wipes, cotton pads, or endless bottles of cleanser. Ultra soft and perfect for travel, these pads add a little spa luxury to your everyday cleansing.

Hollywood Browzer Duo

Take control of your skin and ensure flawless makeup application and improved product penetration with the Hollywood Browzer Duo. Perfect for eyebrow shaping, hair removal and dermaplaning, the Hollywood Browzer ensures that peach fuzz and dead skin are safely swept away without the pain or inconvenience of threading, waxing, or plucking. With the Hollywood Browzer Duo you also receive two Browzers so that you can achieve salon results for longer and without the cost of professional treatments.

Deluxe Microfibre Puff

Every beauty hero needs a sidekick and the Deluxe Microfibre Puff is the perfect companion for your Hollywood Browzer. The soft strap means that this puff sits comfortably on your hand during your treatment, catching any hair and dead skin as you go. For the best possible results, simply wipe both sides of the tool clean continuously on the puff to avoid buildup without any mess. Not only is this a functional use, but seeing all that’s come off your face and onto the Puff is extremely satisfying.