How to improve skin texture (& keep it looking it's best!)

We love a good scary movie and we’re fans of getting into the spirit of Halloween, but that sentiment doesn’t extend to our skin which we’d rather keep horror free!

We’ve identified the most common skin complaints relating to Halloween, especially for those of us that will be dressing up and doing our best makeup looks, and we’ve compiled the tips you need to avoid them. Read on for our skincare tricks and treat yourself to happier post-holiday skin!

Post-Party Pimples

Halloween means heavier makeup than you’d opt for in your everyday life and this can be irritating to the skin for a variety of reasons, especially if you’re using face paints or products that are completely new to you. In order to ensure your skin isn’t terrorised by your chosen look, we recommend doing the following:

  • Opt for professional standard makeup where you can
    This will be formulated with long wear in mind and should use more gentle ingredients than the standard costume shop kits. It’s an investment but it’ll be worthwhile for your skin!

  • Create a barrier for your skin
    We recommend using a primer for all makeup but it’s especially important when you’re wearing more than usual, new products, or heavier duty makeup products. Using a good primer creates a barrier that can prevent pores getting clogged and skin getting irritated!

  • Have a proper cleanse
    While you may not be thinking about your skin mid party, it’s important when you’re wearing more makeup than usual to take extra care in removing it. Ensure you cleanse thoroughly and under no circumstances should you fall asleep in your Halloween makeup! Pro tip? Remove makeup easily with our Microfibre Cleansing Pads and your favourite cleanser and restore your skin’s healthy moisture and soothe with our Royal Gold 24k Facial Elixir.

Stained Skin

Unfortunately when it comes to using makeup for Halloween, there are often tougher elements to remove than your usual waterproof mascara and some can leave stains that are unsightly in daylight the morning after. With fake blood and highly pigmented face paints amongst the worst offenders, it can seem impossible to get them out of skin without causing damage.

What we suggest is starting with your usual cleansing routine and washing your face thoroughly but without being abrasive. If you have an oil based cleanser this could be extra effective as a lot of face paints and fake blood which are likely to stain can be broken down by oils. If your usual cleanser doesn’t work or still leaves stains, it is recommended that you use baby oil or coconut oil as this can further break down stains. In an absolute emergency, preferably only for stains that aren’t on your face, you can use toothpaste or shaving cream.

It’s also a great idea to protect your hair which can stain easily so ensure when you’re applying your products you keep hair out of the way- we recommend our Spa Headband which is adjustable and comfortable and will keep your hair away from wet face paints or fake blood!


Cakey Makeup Crisis

While less harmful to skin than the other horrors, we’ve all had a nightmare after our chosen makeup look ends up coming out looking cakey, uneven, or just not as clean as we’d like. Unfortunately, this can completely ruin your mood, make you feel less confident, and can even stop you loving those pictures that should be instant memories. Halloween is all about confidence and so we recommend giving yourself a head start on ensuring your makeup comes out just as flawless as you imagined.

We recommend prepping your skin with dermaplaning, removing the peach fuzz and dead skin which can create unwanted texture under your makeup, which can be done with one of our tools such as the Hollywood Smoother or Hollywood Browzer. Once skin has been exfoliated and debris has been removed, we suggest restoring moisture with your usual skincare and then priming the skin to create the perfect base. This should help makeup apply smoothly and create a flawless finish while also making removal easier at the end of the night!

Whatever your Halloween plans, we hope these tricks help you to keep skin horrors at bay this year so that you can enjoy nothing but festive fun! Want an extra treat? We’ve got an exclusive Halloween Bundle with all of the products you need to get your best beauty moment yet available now! Usually worth £51.75, you can receive our Toiletry Bag, Headband, Hollywood Browzer, Microfibre Cleansing Pads, and Microfibre Puff for only £29.95. Get yours ahead of the holiday!