Can I Dermaplane in the Summer? Even when I'm away?

Yes! You absolutely can and here are 5 reasons why you should never be without your Browzer!

As summer approaches, it's time to unveil your skin's natural radiance and embrace the warm sunshine. One of the most effective and popular beauty treatments for achieving a fresh, luminous complexion is dermaplaning. The Hollywood Browzer is the perfect multi-functional dermaplaning tool and is super easy to use - even when you’re on-the-go! Let’s delve into top reasons why the Hollywood Browzer is the must-have necessity for your beach bag.

1. Spotted a hair that you missed while shaving?

No need to worry about missing that rogue bikini hair or unsightly patch of hair on your knees or ankles. You can easily and painlessly remove said hairs with the Browzer, and what’s more - there’s no redness or irritation. The Browzer is compact and discreet enough to take out and use wherever you are. If you’ve noticed that you have missed a spot shaving whilst you lay by the beach or pool and you’re looking for that emergency touch-up, there’s no need to fret! You can remove any unwanted facial or body hair, without going through a rigorous hair removal ritual! Simply get to work on those areas with the Browzer (using short, light, feathery strokes) and your unsightly knee, ankle, toe, underarm or bikini hair will be gone! It can be used anywhere you have unwanted hair in a matter of seconds.


2. Prominent Peach Fuzz spoiling your look?

Peach fuzz becomes way more obvious when we’re out in the sun. Some of us might not have realised we have it until we are exposed to the sunlight! Bright sunlight enhances the appearance of peach fuzz, making it look darker and much more prominent. So, if you’re headed out to enjoy a day by the beach or pool and your peach fuzz is visible, simply grab your Browzer to slough away that fuzz; there will be no tell tale signs of aggressive hair removal from methods such as waxing, threading or tweezing (which can irritate your skin and cause redness or bumps). 

3. Compact & Discreet!

Small, compact and discreet, the Hollywood Browzer will fit into any beach bag, and weighing in at 10 grams, you can carry your Browzer anywhere and everywhere! By removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. The Browzer is also flight friendly, so if you’ve only booked carry-on luggage, your Browzer can still come with you! Even more of a reason to bring your beauty tool bestie on holiday with you! 

4. Hygienic!

You won’t need to worry about your Hollywood Browzer getting grubby, as every Browzer comes with a free Protective Pouch. Simply fold your Browzer and slot it into its Pouch for easy storage, once you are done using it. This way, you won’t need to worry about your Browzer’s edge becoming dirty if it was to sit in your makeup bag. Once it is in its pouch, pop it into your beach bag and keep it by the pool or beach with you! 

5. Keep flaking fake tan at bay!

Booked a spray tan before your holiday? All faux tans needs to be exfoliated off at some point, before it flakes off by itself! So, if you’re coming towards the end of your holiday, we’ve got you covered. Dermaplaning is exfoliation with the added benefit of hair removal, therefore, your Browzer is the perfect little beauty tool to remove unsightly patches of flaking fake tan! Lightly apply a few strokes with the Browzer (no heavy pressure required) and you can easily, safely and painlessly remove that dreaded flaking tan that is falling off!

Whatever your holiday plans, we hope you’ve saved room in your beach bag for your Browzer! Start your trip with smooth, radiant skin and feel confident knowing that you can use your Browzer for any emergency top ups, wherever you are! With the tips above, we hope that you feel even more comfortable and beautiful in your skin whilst topping up your tan. Just don’t forget your SPF to apply afterwards!