New Year, New Skincare Attitude!

When the time comes to embark on a New Year, there can be a lot of external pressure to change yourself, overhaul your whole life, and be a better person no matter how hard that seems (or how cold it is outside - we’ll be skipping the 5am run, thanks), but we’re here to remind you that small changes every day whether you start on the first or somewhere around mid-March can have a huge impact, especially when it comes to your skin. Rather than suggesting massive changes you can make to your routine, we’ve come up with five skincare habits or mindsets you can adopt for 2023 to make everything that little bit better (and easier). No expensive membership or 4am alarm required!


1- New Skin Is Better Skin

If you’re familiar with us here at Hollywood Browzer, you know we’re advocates for the power of dermaplaning and this just wouldn’t be one of our lists if we didn’t remind you that the easiest way to refresh your skin and get the best of your skincare products is with regular exfoliation and peach fuzz removal! Regular dermaplaning sessions can be an easy addition to your skincare routine and will help your other skincare products penetrate better, will get rid of the buildup of dead skin cells and hair that can dull your glow, and will leave you feeling refreshed. It’s a no-brainer!

2- Spring (Or Anytime, Really) Clean

We’re not going to expect you to have a complete log of the expiry dates of all of your skincare products and we’d be lying if we said we don’t all have that one product we should have probably thrown out before now but it is important to at least put aside time once per year to have a declutter. Whether the New Year feels like the right time for you or not, try to pencil in a day to make checking expiry dates and removing your product clutter a priority. Out with the old, in with the new!

3- One Good Product Wins

There can be the urge at this time of year to start from scratch in many areas of life but skincare doesn’t have to be completely overhauled to be effective! Refrain from buying an entire new routine if you can and focus on trying one new product at a time. Not only is this cost effective but, if you start a completely new routine, it can be hard to pinpoint if one product is causing effects you don’t want and can create more work in finding out what your skin really likes! Start with one product you’d love to incorporate and then work slowly from there, that way you’ll have a clearer idea of what does and doesn’t agree with your skin. Want some inspo? We love our 24k Facial Elixir and, with it being anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant as well as vegan and palm oil free - it works for pretty much anyone!

4- Small Changes Make A Big Impact

Moving into 2023 the environment is something that a lot of us are trying to be more conscious of and if environmentalism is part of your resolution then a good place to start is with everyday small products! You can replace your disposable cotton pads or makeup wipes with our Microfibre Cleansing Pads which are washable and reusable and remove makeup with just water and you can even make your Browzer routine more environmentally friendly with our new Biodegradable Hollywood Browzers. Even our serums come in bottles made of glass and bamboo to reduce plastic waste- it really is that easy! Look at the amazing green options that can be found to replace your everyday waste products so that you can do your bit for the planet without it feeling like moving mountains!



5- Health Is Wealth

Everything an amazing skincare routine can do for you is only amplified by what a healthy lifestyle can do and it’s important to remember the very basics, even when everyone seems to have a new routine or lifestyle that you MUST try, are really worth focusing on. Trying to drink more water, get more beauty sleep, and eat plenty of nutritious foods can do as much for your skincare as any product can and these are all things that can be done with small changes every day. We’re not telling you to be nutritionists or argue to your boss that you must start work an hour later if you don’t want eye bags, but just to try to do what you can for your skin in small ways, whether that’s forgoing another episode in your binge for an extra hour of sleep, keeping a water bottle in your bag to avoid the vending machine of sugary drinks, or trying a new dish every now and again that’s rich in veggies!

In 2023 we don’t want to see all of the outdated pressure to be perfect and take on an entirely new lifestyle or personality to feel like we’re bettering ourselves- we’re choosing to focus on the small things that can make us happier, healthier, and more confident and comfortable in our skin. Whatever your best version of yourself looks like, whether you love your 4am alarm or just love the way you feel after a deep cleanse, we want that to be what you embrace this year. We’re wishing our entire Hollywood Browzer community a Happy New Year and as always, we look forward to helping you get your best skin ever (even if you don’t stick to your resolution 100%)!