Our Guide to an At-Home Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Spa Day!

The season of love is upon us and whether you’re celebrating your love for a partner, the love you have for your friends, or even just self love, an at-home spa day can be a cost effective and completely cute way to spend your Valentine’s Day! We’ve picked our top tips for creating a true spa vibe in your own home which you can modify to meet your needs, budget and time frame! So, whether you’re planning to pamper yourself before a big date, spend an evening on self-care, or have a day for your favourite guys and gals, you can do it in style!


Create Some Ambiance

The perfect way to set the scene for a spa feel is to work with your space and focus on sensory treats. We recommend a scented candle or oil diffuser, soft music (there are great playlists online that are ready-made for the experience) and creating a soft and comfortable environment with blankets, fluffy towels, cushions or whatever else your room of choice allows for! All that’s left is to add some mood lighting and relax…



Treat Your Skin

The easiest way to get an at-home spa session without breaking the bank is through skincare products! You don’t need to have the latest tech or a qualification in massage techniques to apply a sheet mask, give yourself a gentle facial massage with a Gua Sha or indulge in a super moisturising serum (we recommend our own 24k Gold Facial Elixir). If you want to get the most of your skincare treats you can also have a dermaplaning session with one of our Hollywood Browzers in the comfort of your home too!



Take Your Time

The difference between your daily skincare, pamper and maintenance routines and a trip to the spa is usually just how much time we give ourselves! Ensure you’re settled in and allow yourself plenty of time to spend on each treatment or task so you can truly relax and enjoy the experience. If you’re hosting a partner or friends it’s a great time to chat as you go, bring in some snacks and something tasty to drink, and space your treatments for full effect!

Acts Of Service

If you’re having a group spa day it’s the perfect time to get that salon feel by helping each other with treatments! Painting a friend’s nails for them, helping a loved one apply a mask, and even just trying something new together with another person there for support can be a great bonding experience and can also help get results which otherwise feel like a struggle (no more botched mani on your right hand, anyone?). With many of us doing our self care in short bursts or alone it can be a huge mood-booster to get to talk, share advice and create experiences with our friends and partners as a welcome change!   


Add Some Aftercare

If you really want to treat your favourite people for Valentine’s Day, you can go above and beyond your local spa by creating self-care goodie bags to be enjoyed after the fact! Perfect as a small gift, simply buy extras of the masks, products, nail colours, or any other essentials you use and pop them into mini gift bags as a treat for later. If it’s a solo pamper session? Take the opportunity to sample smaller sizes of the products you most want to try and then you can invest in your favourites later! The possibilities truly are endless…


We never need much convincing when it comes to a self-care session and it’s our mission to offer professional results at home in a cost-effective way so if you’re stuck for what to plan you need look no further! However you celebrate we here at Hollywood Browzer Beauty wish you a happy Valentine’s Day and hope you take a little extra time this month to show yourself some love. Want some extra inspo? You can browse our full range of products including kits- just don’t forget to tag us in your spa sessions on social media!