What is dermaplaning? How to ensure my skincare is right for me.

A lot of us are on top of ensuring that the use-by dates on our food, medicines and other perishables are adhered to for our wellbeing, but there are plenty of us who forget to pay that same attention to our beauty or skincare products without realising the risks. While it’s easy to forget to check the date on your favourite mascara, moisturiser or sheet masks (especially if they still seem to be working just fine), many of them have ingredients which will become less effective or more irritating after a long period. So, where do you begin in getting your skincare in order? We’ve got some handy timescales you can note as well as some tips for keeping on top of the task below!

Where to begin

Most skincare products should include a symbol (the little tub and lid you’ve likely seen before) with either a 6, 12, or more printed with it - this is the shelf life of the product once opened and equates to the number on the tub in months. If unopened, most products will have a shelf life of 30 months if not specified. For those that don’t have a shelf life of 30 months, they will be required to display an hourglass symbol with a date (like a traditional best-before date) which indicates the shelf life if unopened. Remember, if a product displays a used-by date and it has expired, throw it out and don’t continue to use it - no exceptions!

For makeup, in general, a liquid foundation should last a year while lipsticks, lip liners, and powdered bronzers and blushes can last up to 5 years. Eye products such as liners and mascaras have the shortest lifespan, ideally needing to be replaced around every 3 months.

Other Indicators

If you can’t locate the information you need (we’re talking missing labels or unclear labels) or want to ensure you’re not falling victim to products expiring early due to contamination, it’s important you pay attention to the physical traits of the formula to pick up on anything you should dispose of. We recommend noting the following:

  • Changes to your skin’s reaction (sudden irritation, causing outbreaks, textural changes).
  • Changes to the product consistency.
  • Changes in smell or colour (especially vitamin based products).
  • Changes to how visibly effective it is (less pigmented lipstick, clumpy mascara).

Ways to Remember

Unlike the products in our fridge, we replace skincare or beauty formulas far less frequently which can make it easy to forget when we opened it or when we bought it, and you might be shocked by the age of some of those products that you reach for frequently that haven’t yet run out! One easy way to keep track of when you opened a beauty product is by noting directly on the container with a sharpie the date of opening or, if you like keeping your skincare aesthetic clean, noting it on a physical notepad or in the notes in your phone - you can even set reminders automatically! It’s also a great idea to set aside a day every 6 or 12 months to have a rummage around and look over anything you may have forgotten. Excuse to have a biannual day of treating yourself to new products, anyone?

How to Help Products Last Longer

Sometimes it can feel like a product’s life goes by far too quickly and we understand wanting to get the most out of your beauty and skincare buys, so how can you help them stay fresher for longer? These are our tips:

  • If the product comes in a pot or tub, avoid touching it with your fingers! Use a spatula or cotton pad to scoop it out and avoid contact with any potential bacteria on your hands.
  • The same applies for products that come in bottles with droppers- never touch the dropper to your face or hands directly to avoid contamination!
  • Clean makeup brushes regularly to avoid bacteria being pushed into your products when you’re touching them with the bristles.
  • Apply lipsticks with a brush or, if you prefer applying them directly, make sure you swipe a tissue over the tip to remove any potential bacteria.
  • Ensure lids are always secure regardless of whether the product is on a shelf or in your bag
  • Don’t share your makeup with others!

Extra Tip: How to Get More From Your Products!

Spring cleaning your products to ensure they’re as effective as possible is a start, but you can also improve their quality throughout their life span by ‘spring cleaning’ your skin itself! Removing the dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and debris from your skin can be just as refreshing as replacing an old formula and, with our dermaplaning tools, it’s never been easier to get that refresh at home. Without the barrier of dead skin or hair, your skincare products will absorb better and your makeup will sit more flawlessly and, with our Hollywood Smoother, you only need to replace the heads, so we’re even streamlining the process of keeping your tools fresh! You can thank us later…


So, what better time to give your beauty and skincare a refresh than spring? Using the tips above we hope you can clear out, keep organised, and even treat yourself to new must-haves as the results will always be better when the products are fresh, clean, and consciously chosen- your skin will thank you. Start your journey to summer ready and healthy skin this month and remember, the best skin is healthy skin!