Men's Touch Up Razor

£8.95 GBP

Stay groomed by quickly removing unwanted hair and dead skin cells with the Hollywood Browzer Men’s Touch-Up Razor. Perfect for maintaining a clean, straight beard line or removing any stray hairs around the hairline, the Touch-Up Razor allows you to remain groomed in between shaving and hair cuts whilst also removing any dead dull skin from the surface.

Skin products, such as moisturiser will penetrate more effectively once that built up skin and debris has been removed.

Moisten the skin with warm water before use for a smooth experience. Can also be used on sideburns, around the nose, fingers, hands, eyebrows, earlobes, back of the neck, collar hair and shoulders. 

Includes a Protective Pouch for safe, hygienic storage and travel.


  • Safely removes unwanted hairs
  • Instantly reveals smooth, radiant skin
  • Skincare penetrates more effectively