Reusable, re-washable and eco-friendly cleansing pads

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Eco-friendly and kind to the planet, the Hollywood Browzer Microfibre Cleansing Pads easily removes makeup (including waterproof mascara), eyeliner and foundation with just water.

Reusable and machine washable, these eco-friendly pads will save you time and money by avoiding having to use disposable makeup wipes, cotton pads and cleansers.

The glove-like design allows your fingers to be inserted into the pads for an easy grip, making it easier to cleanse and remove your makeup from different angles.

We use only the most ultra-soft premium microfibre material for an enjoyable, spa-like experience.

  • Ultra-soft premium microfibre material
  • Eco-friendly, reusable and machine washable
  • Mesh bag to pop your Cleansing Pads in
  • Easy to travel with

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Tara K.

I love these microfibre cleansing pads because I have saved so much money on cleansers and cotton wool. These work with just water! They're so effective and I love the little bag that it comes in as it keeps them together and you can pop them in the bag and into the washing machine. They're so convenient and much better for the environment. I'm obsessed! Such a great little beauty accessory.

Gemma D.

I always wanted to find some re-usable cleansing pads to remove my makeup because i felt that i was wasting so many cotton wool pads everyday and i am so glad i came across these! They are super soft and you can pop them in the washing machine so that they are reusable and they are just as soft after you wash them! Very premium.

Amanda B.

I absolutely love how gentle these are on the skin. They are so so soft and I have saved so much money on not having to buy any more cotton pads! They work so well with just water too! And what I love about them the most is you pop them in the little bag and put them in the washing machine! So fab

Kim D.

I washed my face with this the first and I was completely shocked at how much makeup 💄 it removed
Thank you

Abbie-Jean D.

I LOVE THEM!! I’m obsessed with these cleansing pads 😍 this is another one of my favourite purchases. I’m just so amazed with how it removes makeup with just water as if it’s wasn’t there before!! The material is so soft which makes it such a soothing way to remove your makeup, they’re not too harsh and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin making dry patches at all! They’re incredible for cleansing my face with my most favourite cleanser & even removing makeup

I love how sustainable these are for the environment & even being washable with your very own cleaning bag to protect them!!

I would 100% highly recommend these cleansing products to anyone, we can definitely live without cotton pads now!!

paris m.

Absolutely love these cleansing pads. I use them with my favourite cleanser and it wipes away all the dirt like it was never there

Amy K.

So soft! Perfect for cleansing and removing makeup!

Skin by S.

Since trying to move to cleaner products within my skin/ beauty regime, these are really worth it. washable and reusable, I’d 100% recommend anyone to get these since we can do without cotton pads!!

Ilaria G.

Incredibile! It removes the make up with ONLY water! Perfect to bring it in holiday 😍

Ilwad A.

Really effective